Wednesday, March 28, 2007

General Humanitarian Event Tips

Coordinating an event to feed the poor, make children smile or to service humanity in general takes planning and a dedicated team. In basic preparations for a humanitarian event your team must be assembled, assigned task and coordinated with an aim of a fluid success. Fluidity implies choosing the path of least resistance, feigning away from micromanaging but at the same time paying attention to details. The details are the people you are serving, their families, their feelings, their needs and their happiness. The stimulating feeling one gets as they realize some one genuinely cares about them and the condition they are in surpasses perception.

The core teams of volunteers you select to aid in your vision and movement towards helping humanity must be trustworthy, humble, respectful, courteous, patient, kind, and posses the ability to become emotionally detatched when necessary. When helping those in the dust you and your team may witness horrid things, be prepared. This core group of volunteers must be entrusted to delegate specific tasks assigned for them to carry out. To be able to delegate any task effectively you must have a blueprint of what is in your heart. If you want to feed the poor and have fun for the kids what will you give them? How will you procure this? How will they take what you are giving with them? How is this done islamicly and efficiently? How much will this cost? How much does this cost? If you are trying to provide health care, dental services or a combination of humanitarian efforts you must ask yourself similar questions and others like those regarding liability issues.

Each team assigned a task must be given trust. They must accept this trust to be responsible and to do their job the best they can collectively. This trust will give the coordinator of the event flexibility to manage all other delegated tasked with a general management mindset. After giving the teams a detailed goal or end result of what you want and how you want it they are to be entrusted with the task. Once entrusted with the task they are not to be micromanaged for this is counterproductive and facilitates unwanted drama. The coordinator must trust to a certain extent that his teams wit, intellect and ingenuity will suffice for his or her unspoken suggestions. Freely give your ideas and input within your ongoing and spontaneous councils. Do this with a tone of peer suggestion, not the roar of the dominating shot caller. Asserting your position of leadership is to be done with wisdom and only when appropriate and necessary. If you use wisdom and humility as you lead your team and serve the masses you will find it easy to flow with the show already written.

Know that inshALLAH the next one will be even better

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